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Let's talk about your bra...

When you try on your perfect bra, how should it feel? Do you want it to be comfy? Supportive? Sexy? Like a Cloud? Well at J.Alane's we're here to tell you that it can be all of those things. If a bra fits the way that it's intended there is no reason why you should not feel both comfortable AND supportive, sexy AND like you're wearing a cloud.

Here is how to tell if your bra is properly fitting to your body the way that it should.

Make sure you have the right size band.

The support of any good bra really comes from the band, not the straps. When you have the right size band, the rest of the bra will sit parallel with the floor, with the front and the back of the band even across the body.

Think of the bra like a seesaw, if the band is not tight enough to support the weight of your breasts, then the breasts will tip forward. However, if the band is the correct tightness then it provides excellent support and thus does not tip forward.

Another way to tell if you have the correct size band is if you can slip two fingers under your bra band in the back, no less, no more!

Start your bra on the farthest hook.

To extend the life of your bra and bra band, you will want to start your bra on the farthest hook. Doing this will give you three to four spaces that you can move your clasp to when your bra starts to strech out.

Your bra cups should be flush with your chest.

To make sure there aren't any unwanted gaps or spillage, the entire breast should be inside the cup of the bra. The right size cup will contain the entire breast, not something that gives you excessive cleavage or side boob. The underwire should completely outline your breast for the most amount of comfort. No one likes a piece of metal jabbing into their side!

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