Prima Donna Lingerie

Luxury lingerie for the larger cup sized woman, Prima Donna has had a long and colorful history while making great leaps of creativity and changes in style. The company’s roots trace back to 1865 when the main focus was to provide elegant lingerie for the self-confident, naturally shaped woman. They have evolved from producing primarily corsets to now manufacturing bras for the average to full busted woman. As the company has changed hands over the years the priorities have remained firmly planted in the ideas of quality, comfort, fashion, and fit.

Prima Donna’s mission is to “shape the body and mind of women”. The company has been renowned through their entire history for their luxury lingerie that holds a timeless appeal.

perle      perle plunge

Perle Padded Bra                                        Perle Padded Plunge

nsatinsmooth     satin

New Satin Smooth                                     Satin Smooth

menton     deauville

Menton                                                        Deauville

couture     olympia

Couture                                                         Olympia