Panache, an award-winning British lingerie company, has built its reputation on 3 core values Fit, Support, and Comfort. Dedicated to fit, and specializing in D cup plus lingerie, Panache is an industry leader in the design and manufacturing of perfect fitting lingerie.

The dedication to their 3 core values is not a process of design but rather a feat of engineering. If a garment does not fit to their exacting standards, it does not leave the design room.

Panache currently offers five leading brands, focusing on offering the perfect fit from D cups to KK Cups. With collections that encompass high-end, trend-driven fashion to everyday modern core basics they are proud and able to offer support and comfort to every woman.

porcelin    porcelin plunge

Porcelain                                                     Porcelain Plunge

clara     5675pan

Clara                                                               Andorra

sportsbra    strapless

Sports bra                                                      Porcelain Strapless