Cotn Collection is a privately owned company headquartered on legendary Madison Avenue in Manhattan. We specialize in Pima Cotton sleepwear, loungewear and underwear. Cotn Collection ‘s success is a seamless weave of quality, workmanship and customer service. The Cotn Collection uses 100% Pima cotton to manufacture luxurious pajamas, loungewear, and underwear for women. Pima cotton is known worldwide for being a luxurious natural fiber and was given the name Pima in honor of the Pima Indians, who helped the USDA raise the cotton in the early 1900’s in Arizona.


cotn pjs   cotnchemise

Gathered Tank Capi PJs                           Gathered Tank Nightgown


Classic Capri PJs

shortrobe   terrykimono

Long Kimono Robe                                    Terrycloth Robe


Long Zip Robe